General terms and conditions of sale


Charlemont, citadelle de Givet is a facility owned by the Communauté de Communes Ardenne Rives de Meuse, which has entrusted its management and operation to the Société Publique Locale Rives de Meuse.

Any reservation automatically implies the customer's acceptance of the conditions below. Any stipulations (conditions of purchase, letters, acknowledgements of receipt and other documents emanating from the Customer) modifying the clauses and conditions of this order form will be considered null and void unless they result from a written document approved and signed by "Charlemont, citadelle de Givet".

Any booking may be made online, by email or by telephone. In the latter case, the reservation must be confirmed in writing.

"Charlemont, citadelle de Givet" organises cultural, heritage and leisure activities. All the activities on offer are not high-risk and are accessible to a wide public.

Laser game services are subject to the customer's unreserved adherence to the following regulations:

  • Respect for the organisers and players is a must.
  • It is strictly forbidden to climb on obstacles not provided for this purpose.
  • It is forbidden to climb on nets, grids and fences.
  • It is forbidden to run and play on the stairs.
  • No physical contact will be tolerated and will systematically result in the exclusion of the offender.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave the playing area during the game.
  • The minimum age to play Laser Game is 8 years old.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is not accepted for playing. The maximum blood alcohol level accepted is identical to that in force for the highway code in France.
  • The equipment loaned must be returned in its original condition. Any damaged or lost parts will be invoiced.


The staff of "Charlemont, citadelle de Givet" have authority and are the sole judges. They reserve the right at any time to interrupt a performance for safety reasons or to remove a participant representing a danger to themselves or those around them due to their behaviour or technical and/or physical level deemed insufficient.

Under no circumstances may this decision be used as a guarantee for reimbursement of the service, except in exceptional cases.

Under no circumstances can "Charlemont, citadelle de Givet" be held responsible due to force majeure, the actions of third parties not involved in the provision of the services provided for in the contract or poor performance of the contract attributable to the Customer or other service providers of the Customer.


For the laser game activity, individual technical equipment related to the activity must be worn.


In accordance with legislation, "Charlemont, citadelle de Givet" has taken out Professional Civil Liability insurance.

However, we cannot substitute ourselves for the individual civil liability of each participant.

Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal equipment.

Terms of payment and invoicing

Services and activities sold by "Charlemont, citadelle de Givet" are 100% payable when the order is placed.

"Group" services are 100% payable on the day of the activity. Failure to pay in accordance with these terms will result in late payment interest equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate being added to the sums due, this from the due date, plus VAT.


The booking may be cancelled or modified without penalty more than 7 days before the date on which the service is to be provided.

All sums paid by the customer will be refunded subject to a deduction of €2 for administration costs.

From the 6th to the 3rd day inclusive prior to the date of the service, 50% will be retained.

From the 2nd day inclusive preceding the date of the service, 100% will be retained.

Cancellation on our part

We may have to cancel a service for exceptional reasons beyond our control (weather and climate causes, fire, natural disasters).

For these exceptional cases, we will automatically offer you a replacement service if this is possible and if not, a refund of the service.


You will be given an appointment time for the guided tour, workshop and laser game services. For the smooth running of the activities and out of politeness towards the other participants and "Charlemont, citadelle de Givet", we kindly ask you to respect these times. Please plan your journeys in advance so that you are punctual.

It is imperative to arrive at reception 20 minutes before departure.

In the event of a delay, "Charlemont, citadelle de Givet" will offer an alternative time slot on the same day, as far as it is able. If no slot is available no refund or compensation will be payable.

Damage and destruction of equipment

Each participant or group of participants is responsible for the equipment entrusted to them. If any damage to or destruction of the equipment is found to have occurred as a result of negligence, a deliberate act or failure to comply with the instructions given by the supervisors during the briefing, the equipment will be invoiced to the activity sponsor.

You can receive a list of equipment prices on request.


Any dispute will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of SEDAN.

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